Credit Score

Hard vs. Soft Inquires & how they affect your Credit

Hard vs. Soft Inquiries We get many questions about how many points are affected by a credit inquiry. This is a simple yet difficult question to answer. Let me explain. There are two types of inquiries that a person must take into consideration. Here is a look at both of them: Soft Inquiries: These do […]

Get a Loan 1-day after a Short Sale, Foreclosure, or Bankruptcy

There are many people that don’t think they can qualify for a Jumbo Mortgage because they have a recent Short-Sale, Foreclosure or Bankruptcy. They have been turned down by other lenders time and time again, and thought they have exhausted all chances of getting another Jumbo Loan. Well, the wait is over! The days of waiting 2-4 […]

FHA’s Back To Work Program 1

Have you had a short sale or foreclosure in your past but now you are ready to buy again? Well great news, your new home purchase can be made sooner than you thought. The Federal Housing Authority  (FHA) has shortened the mandatory waiting periods for homeowners with a short sale, foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, or even bankruptcy, […]

How Liabilities Factor in a Mortgage Application

How will my debt affect my mortgage application? As much as assets, lenders are concerned about liabilities during the mortgage process. There are several types of liabilities, including revolving and installment debt, as well as collections, liens and judgments. Revolving and Installment Debt Revolving debt refers to debt on which you make payments monthly, such […]