First Time Home Buyer

Use Your Tax Refund to Cover the Down Payment on Your First Home

Use Your Tax Refund to Cover the Down Payment on Your First Home Are you a first-time home buyer looking for a house in Florida? One of the biggest obstacles to homeownership is the down payment that needs to be made on the purchase. The down payment on a new home can be as low […]

Construction to Permanent loans – VA and FHA

ONE – TIME CLOSE Construction-To-Permanent Loan Are you in the market for a newly constructed home with little or no down payment? Now available, FHA and VA construction to permanent loans! No need to refinance after the build is complete, the first close, will be you only close. Make no payments until the home is […]

First Time Home Buyer Decision Making

The road to your new home investment can have many twists and turns. At times, the journey can be a bit bewildering. Which way should you turn? And to whom should you go for advice? Please understand that as complex as the paths can sometimes be, we navigate them daily. Our experience is to your […]

Have you Missed the Boat?

BEFORE: Bad Economy, Super Low Rates Price $200,000 Annual interest at 3.5%/3.747% APR = $7,000 Appreciation at 0% = 0 Interest minus appreciation = $7,000 AFTER: Improving Economy, Higher Rates Price $220,000 Annual interest at 4.5%/4.762% APR = $9,900 Appreciation at 3% = $6,600 Interest minus appreciation = $3,300 These hypothetical examples are illustrations for […]

If You Can Afford to Rent…You Can Probably Afford to Own.

Interest rates are near historic lows. Purchasing power has increased, and the cost of renting in many areas is now greater than the cost to buy. Some say mortgage loans are impossible to obtain without perfect credit and 20% down. Want the truth? Read on, and we’ll cite the three basic factors for qualifying for […]

FHA Reduced Mortgage Insurance Premium

FHA Reducing Annual MI rates as of January 26, 2015!FANTASTIC NEWS FOR CURRENT & FUTURE FHA MORTGAGE LOAN APPLICATONS The FHA annual mortgage insurance premium is being reduced from 1.35 percent to .85 percent. This action reduces monthly mortgage payments! Some good news coming out of Washington, DC on the homeownership front. The Federal Housing […]